Yay! it's a POST!!

it's been a while so long since my last post..

I'm supposed to be in a good mood right now..
I just passed from grade 11th to 12th,
I had a pretty-long-holiday about 1 month to cover my sleep deprivation,
I just celebrated my 17th birthday with my lovely friends and family,
had a wonderful memory and time,
someone will come to Jakarta soon,
and I have a very wonderful friends :)
Thanks God..
that was so wonderful,

but some thoughts and problems come to my mind, come to me,,
made me feel so miserable..
maybe i'm just being to sensitive..
think that i can't solve them one by one, making me feel so pathetic..

maybe i need something to made my mind clear..
try hard to solve them and be friend with them..
or maybe i need someone to talk with,, hmm..

I don't want to run away from them,,
i had to confront and deal with them.. *semangat membara*
harus kucoba..!
hahaha :D

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