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"What Should Your Name be?"

Result: Phoebe

Phoebe means "bright" and "pure" in Greek, which fits you perfectly. You're a great thinker and decision-maker, and at the same time you're an optimist - you believe that deep down, everyone's a good person.

Despite all the brains, you've also got a totally ditzy side that comes out every once in a while. Which would make you a great pal for Phoebe on "Friends."


Gathering my soul. [i think]

i woke up at 6.30 this m0rning.
N than i'm sitting n gathering my soul.
Huam.. I just feel that my soul isn't here anyway.. =="
Ok, now i'm confusing AGAIN..
I woke my friend up at 7, but it's too early. He told me to woke him up at 7.30. Hhh.. Sory~~
huaam.. Now i'm sitting again n again, gathering my soul. Alm0st full, i think..
And trying to woke him up AGAIN..

a BLANK mine..

I'm just sitting here in my bed. Seeing the stars in the sky. Ok, actually there's no stars in jakarta's sky.. =="
So, i'm just sitting n watching the BLANK black sky. Like my heart n my brain BLANK!
I don't really kn0w what i'm thinking about right n0w..
There's so many, not.. To many things in my head! In my heart..
Ok, i really confuse..
But, i kn0w that things it so painfull.. T.T
Oh, i don't kn0w what i wanna do n0w..
Ok, let see what can i do to make all that pain gone forEVER..
1st. Make it more blank than now. Hmm, ok..
2nd. Sitting in my bed. Not bad..
3rd. Seeing the BLANK night sky..
Ok, i am really, really, weird.. =="
just going to seeing that BLANK sky again.
Make my heart more BLANK than now.
Forget ALL the PAIN..
And trying to sleep, coz' i must have a trip t0m0rr0w m0rnink. And n0w is already 1.15.
Huaam, nite sky..