so-random thoughts

Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Kouweki.. :p
(read : koeki) ;DD
Happy sweet 17th,, 07.04.2010
*i just updated this blog so, sorry for the late "Happy Birthday". hahaha*

i just had some random thoughts a couple days ago..
which makes my emotion rapidly changing and made me feel so stupid and silly,
i didn't have any clues why all those so-random-silly-and-stupid things crossed my mind..

i think i really need a vacation..
or something to waste my time (not with online i think, i'm getting bored with those sites)
and feel so sorry to bujur that I'm so rarely updating this blog..
I feel lil' bit confused with those thought and i don't know which thought should i post here?
or nor anythoughts?

ok, nowadays i think i feel lil' bit jealous and lonely..
i know that we're growing..
we have different way to live, different way to be happy,
different way to anything.. and different path to choose..
but, can we just stopped for a while to see or to talk like yesterday? like one-time ago?
i miss u all.. so badly.. :(
some of you too busy with your boyfriend/girlfriend..
some of you too busy with your other-friends, or maybe other-best-friends..
some of you get stuck with those homeworks and exams..
some of you too busy with your pet..
and anything else..
i know that i'm too selfish..
but, all humans have a selfish side, right?
but i can't and not have any rights to impose u all.. haha..

maybe i'm just too exaggerate..

*oh.. I'm so pathetic hahaha*

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